Needle Microincision-Extirpation Treatment in Jaipur

Needle Extirpation

Quick Facts

  • More than 3.5 million men & women had cosmetic Botulinum injections in 2013
  • Results typically last 3 to 6 months
  • Patients can return to daily activities immediately after treatment
  • In addition to wrinkles, Botulinum injectables can treat excessive sweating, neck bands & more

Needle extirpation is a minor therapeutic procedure for removal of a target tissue using a needle. The treatment targets eradication of diseased tissue by complete removal. This technique is simple, inexpensive and has no side effects.

What are the applications of needle extirpation?

Following conditions may be benefited by use of needle extirpation technique:

  • Milia removal: It is a skin cyst that develop commonly on face. There is no medical treatment for milia. Needle extirpation is one of most successful treatment for milia removal.
  • Molluscum contagiosum: It is a viral infection, spread by skin-to skin contact. This technique is used for removal of lesions in molluscum contagiosum.
  • Comedone extraction: although comedones are extracted by professional comedone extractors. Sometimes needle can also be used specially for closed comedones.
  • Skin biopsy: This technique can be used for biopsy of the skin lesions.

What happens during the procedure?

During the procedure, your skin will be cleansed first, then topical anaesthetic can be applied around the lesion. The lesion is then incised by needle and contents are extirpated either directly or by curettage. The lesion heals within 3-5 days without leaving any marks.

What are the advantages of Needle extirpation technique?

This procedure has following advantages:

  • It is safe.
  • It is simple.
  • It is effective.
  • It is inexpensive.

What can be the possible side effects of needle extirpation?

Usually there is no side effect but rarely Following side effects can be seen:

  • Mild Pain
  • Mild Bruising
  • Skin reactions
  • Rarely scarring in case of large mollucsum lesions.

How many sessions required of needle extirpation for milia removal?

If lesions are clealry visible then all lesions can be removed in one session. Sometimes when patient have tiny lesions in between large lesions, second session can be required to remove tiny ones.

Why Should I choose Dr.Kothiwala’s SkinEva Clinic?

There are many reasons which give Dr.Kothiwala’s SkinEva Clinic an edge over other skin clinics:

  • You will have a detailed consultation with the best dermatologist in Jaipur, Dr.Sunil Kothiwala.
  • Your treatment regimen will be customised to your needs and convivence.
  • Treatment will be done by doctor, not technician.
  • Review session is avilable to save your money.

For more information on Needle Extirpation or to inquire about other services please contact us on 7669571405.

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