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Quick Facts

  • Molluscum contagiosum (MC) typically affects children aged 1 to 10 years, but it may develop in any age group.
  • MC is caused by the molluscum contagiosum virus (MCV), a double-strand DNA virus belonging to the Poxviridae family, with humans as the only host.
  • Skin lesions are skin colored pearl like papules with central umbilication.usually asymptomatic but sometimes it can cause itching in surrounding skin.
  • Treatment options are chemical cautery, radiofrequency ablation, co2 laser, curettage, cryotherapy.


What is molluscumcontagiosum ?

Molluscumcontagiosum is a skin infection caused by virus of same name. It may affect children as well as adults. It transmits by skin-to-skin contact or by exposure to contaminated object. It causes tiny bumps on skin that are asymptomatic and some times resolves spontaneously. Cosmetic concerns and newer lesions to new areas are major indication of treatment.


What is the cause of Molluscum?

It is caused by a pox virus named molluscumcontagiosum virus.
Route of transmission: It transmits from contact with skin lesion or exposure to object with virus on it. Scratching or touching a lesion repetitively, shaving with razor, spread via fomites on towels, contact sports or swimming or sexual transmission are major transmission routes. Risk factors: Immunodeficient status, atopic dermatitis and unprotected sexual intercourse with infected person make you more prone to get this infection.


How does molluscumlook?

Skin lesion of molluscum presents as skin colored to pinkish or white colored, firm, dome shaped (pearl like), 2-5 mm in diameter with shiny surface and central dimple. Sometimes they may increase in size and may present in groups or in line. It may appear anywhere on body except palms and soles. Most common sites are face, trunk, axilla and cubital fossa. Sexually transmitted molluscum may involve genitals as well as surrounding areas.

What are the symptoms of molluscum?

The skin lesions of molluscum are asymptomatic but sometimes they may cause itching and pain in lesions. Some times lesions may appear inflamed without any infective foci that may be sign of spontaneous resolution. Sometimes there are itchy dry scaly eczematous patches in surrounding skin of molluscum, which is known as molluscum dermatitis. Rarely lesions may get infected secondarily which may result in intense pain, swelling, redness and pus discharge.


How to Diagnosis molluscum?

Usually clinical, dermatologist makes the diagnosis by seeing the lesion. Sometimes needle extirpation can be done to check viral bodies to confirm the diagnosis. And rarely it may require skin biopsy to rule out other causes of similar looking skin lesions. In sexually transmitted disease some other test like HIV, VDRL may be considered.

What are treatments for molluscum?

In people with good immunity single or few lesions may resolve on its own, although it may take months to resolve. Molluscum in kids can be observed for some time for self-resolution. In weak immunity people it may last longer and may need treatment to stop spread. Cosmetic concern and fear of spreading to new sites or contacts are major indication of treatment.
There is no medical (antiviral) treatment that can directly kill molluscum virus and clear the lesions. The treatments are based on removal of lesions by different techniques.

Treatment options are:

Chemical Cautery : In this treatment individual lesion of molluscum will be pricked with specific chemicals like TCA to destroy the lesion. Excellent efficacy and no side effects make it one of popular treatment.
Cryotherapy: in this treatment liquid nitrogen gas will be applied to lesions to freeze the growth of lesion. Eventually it removes the lesions completely.
Curettage: With help of curator lesions are scrapped out.
Medical treatment: Topical application of some medicine like canthridin, KOH, SA, tretinoin or podophyllotoxin may help in some cases. Results are not consistent. Oral zinc supplement and ranitidine also useful sometimes.

Radiofrequency ablation

CO2 laser treatment for molluscum

These both treatments are useful if lesions are too large (giant molluscum).


  1. Don’t scratch lesions, it may spread infection.
  2. If lesions are present on beard area, avoid razor.
  3. If lesions are present on genitals, avoid unprotected intercourse to stop transmission.
  4. Don’t try home remedies without consulting doctor; it can lead to inflammation, incomplete removal, secondary infection and scarring.
  5. Avoid sharing belonging to others.


Q.How much time it takes to develop lesion after transmission
A.There is no fix time period but it may take 2 week to 6 months to develop lesion after transmission.
Q. Can it recur after treatment?
A. At same site where treatment has been done and lesion resolved , chances of recurrences are very rare. But if infection has been transmitted already to other body sites then new lesions can develop.
Q. How do I avoid infecting other people?
A. By avoiding touching others or sharing personal belongings.
If lesions are present on genitals, By avoiding unprotected intercourse.

How can I get molluscum?

Skin to skin contact with infected person
Contact of Skin to object with virus on it
Sharing towel, clothes with infected person
Unprotected sexual contact

Is molluscumcontagiosum an STD?

In adults it can be transmitted by unprotected sexual intercourse. If any of partners have active lesions of molluscum infection it can be transmitted. Sexually transmitted molluscums are located on genitals and adjoining areas.

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