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  • More than 3.5 million men & women had cosmetic Botulinum injections in 2013
  • Results typically last 3 to 6 months
  • Patients can return to daily activities immediately after treatment
  • In addition to wrinkles, Botulinum injectables can treat excessive sweating, neck bands & more


Impetigo (also known as “chepiya” in hindi)is contagious bacterial infection that commonly affects children. Bacteria infect skin after getting entry into skin through compromised skin barrier. It is more common in warm and humid season and spread to others easily.Ecthyma is another bacterial infection but involves deeper layers than impetigo. Both are common in children.


Bacteria called “Staphylococcus aureus” and streptococcus are responsible for this infection. Minor cut, scratch, or any other interruptions in skin barrier allow them to enter in skin. Overcrowding, warm and humid environment are more favorable for this infection. Skin to skin contact or sharing of belongings also responsible for spread of infection.Ecthyma is commonly caused by streptococcus.


What are symptoms of impetigo?

Impetigo starts with red bump on skin that gradually increases in size and form blisters that burst and leads to development of yellowish golden or brown crust. They can be single or multiple close to each other. Sometimes lesions can be itchy or painful. Face, arm, legs are most common sites. Fever is not common in this infection. Rarely symptoms of severe infection like edema, pain, fever or loss of appetite may develop.

What are symptoms of ecthyma?

Ecthyma is deep for of impetigo (non-bullous type) bacterial infection of skin starts with pus filled vesicle that enlarges and develop bloody crust. It is followed by shallow ulcer (punched out) with purulent necrotic base that heals with scarring. Most common bacteria involved is Streptococcus. It can be primary as well secondary as a result of superimposed infection in preexisting wound. Systemic symptoms are rare.


How does dermatologist diagnose Impetigo ?

Usually it is diagnosed with clinical examination only. Sometimes pus culture and sensitivity may be required.

Treatment of Impetigo

It can be treated with routine cleansing of lesion, topical or oral antibiotics. Treatment is decided on basis of severity and involved area.

For few small superficial lesions topical antibiotic will be suffice with good cleaning of lesion.

For larger deep lesions oral antibiotics can be give. It is usually given for 7 days or more.

Treatment of Ecthyma

Topical and oral antibiotics
Debridement of ulcer if required
Freshening of margins of ulcer

Patient is always advised to complete the course of topical or oral antibiotics.


  • Keep clean the lesion or wound
  • Apply topical medicine on whole lesion.
  • Don’t touch it again and again. Better to keep it covered.
  • Avoid contact with other person.
  • Avoid sharing your belonging to others.
  • If Lesions around the nose, use disposable tissue paper for cleaning nose.


What does impetigo look like when it starts?

Early lesion of impetigo may look like red bump containing clear fluid or pus. Gradually it increases in size and golden brown colored crusted oozy patch develops.


How do I know if I have impetigo?

If you have oozy skin lesion with golden brown crusting you should contact your dermatologist.


Is impetigo caused by poor hygiene?

Yes, poor hygiene or immunocompromisedstatus are common risk factors for impetigo.


Can I have impetigo again after treatment?

Yes bacterial infection can be transmitted to you again from environment or skin-to-skin contact.


Why should I choose DrKothiwalaSkinEva Clinic for impetigo or ecthymatreatment in Jaipur?

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