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Ear lobe Repair Surgery

Quick Facts

  • More than 3.5 million men & women had cosmetic Botulinum injections in 2013
  • Results typically last 3 to 6 months
  • Patients can return to daily activities immediately after treatment
  • In addition to wrinkles, Botulinum injectables can treat excessive sweating, neck bands & more

Let your favourite earrings dangle again

Earlobe repair or Auroplasty is a minor surgical procedure carried out under local anaesthesia. It is performed to repair split earlobes or widened ear piercing holes.

What are the causes of Split earlobes or torn earlobes?

  • Acute trauma: There can be scenarios were earlobes have been pulled by a child, a pet or by a clothing.
  • Age related
  • Heavy earrings: Repeated use of heavy earrings can also cause split earlobes.
  • Tight earrings: Sometimes earrings which are too tight, can restrict the blood flow to an earlobe and cause necrosis and death of particular part of earlobe.
  • Congenital: Sometimes congenital factors also can be seen to cause it.

What are the causes of widened piercing holes?

They may result from heavy earrings or gradual pull from heavy earrings or earing getting pulled.

How is earlobe surgery performed?

The area is cleansed first, and then local anaesthetic is injected. The surgery involves cutting a small portion of skin around the slit or widened hole and stitching it back. If you want to wear earrings again; in that case a small tract may be left open by your surgeon. The procedure takes about 30-45 minutes.

What do I expect post procedure?

Post procedure, an antiseptic will be applied on the treated area and the surgical site is dressed using a loose bandage. You can leave the doctor’s clinic after this. Depending on type of suture used, you may be asked to come back for stich removal. If the suture used is self-dissolving this may not be required.

What is the post care procedure?

Following must be followed:

  • The surgical site must be kept dry for 24-48 hours.
  • Your doctor may prescribe medications for pain and infection control, follow the instructions closely.
  • Daily wound care as recommended by your doctor should be followed.
  • Visit your doctor for stich removal if instructed by him/her. It is generally done 3-5 days post procedure.
  • If you have any bleeding, acute pain, swelling, discharge in or around the operated area, or fever, report to your doctor immediately.
  • You may be advised to abstain from wearing earrings for a few weeks after surgery to allow proper healing and scar maturity.

What are the risks involved in the procedure?

As with every surgical procedure there may be some risks involved:

  • Pain
  • Bleeding and hematoma formation.
  • Infection
  • Scarring
  • Keloid formation, especially if you have such tendency or family history.

Unnatural appearance of the surgical area

Why Should I choose Dr.Kothiwala’s SkinEva Clinic?

At our clinic, Ear lobe surgery is performed by Dr. Sunil Kothiwala and team under strict guidelines and protocols to ensure your safety. It is commonly performing surgery at clinic. Cosmetically acceptable results are assured.

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